SFU - From Pre-Enrollment to Post-Enrollment

This presentation, as can be inferred from the title, is about SFU’s switch from exams being scheduled pre-enrollment using an in-house algorithm to being scheduled post-enrollment using INFOSILEM Exam.  I will discuss scheduling using a virtual “room”, the issues and the subsequent solutions we came up with. We will share how we also leveraged INFOSILEM Exam to schedule our more traditional exams in conjunction with exams falling outside of regular time slots.  Furthermore, the presentation will discuss the other hurdles encountered in integrating with SFU’s PeopleSoft SIMS and how text-files were manipulated in efforts to achieve desired results regarding forced rooming and special time constraints.  In summary it highlights the successes and challenges of implementing this system at SFU.

Andrew Cochrane

Manager Schedules

Creative Approaches to Scheduling in a Pandemic

With limited space for classes, exams and events before the pandemic and even less due to social distancing during, we managed to provide our faculty, staff and students with a “college experience” while maintaining a safe and healthy campus environment. We utilized Campus, Timetabler and Exam in creative ways to fully capitalize on our limited space and to create a variety of schedules utilizing online, in-person and hybrid classes. The flexibility of the Infosilem | Berger Levrault products have allowed us to move back to a fully in-person schedule for the fall semester. Join us as we share aspects of that process.

Michelle Ponczek

Director, Course Building and Academic Space Management

Nicholas Wakup
Assistant Director of Course Building/B There Administrator