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April 30th

from 11h00 to 12h00


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Event Description

Industry 4.0 preaches a complete revolution of industrial process and promises huge efficiency gains by a complete virtualization of the factory, numerical design tools, automation of the logistics and the routing of the parts, smart machines, 3D printing, cyber-physical systems, predictive maintenance and control of the whole factory by an intelligent system.

Challenges addressed in your presentation

Asset Performance improvement, reduce asset downtime, energy efficeincy, improve prodution flexibility, improve Remaining Useful Lifetime by combining IoT data colllection and IA hybridation (knowledge manangement combine with statisitcal machine learning).

Learning Takeaways

* Predictive and prescriptive maintenance

* Why a CMMS is a mandatory starting point ?

* What is an IIoT platform ?

* The contribution of IIoT and AI to a predictive maintenance strategy

* The main challenges to adress for a succesfull deployment (one industrial success story).

Limited event.

Refunds and Cancellations

Cancellation terms

At any time, you can cancel your registration.

How to cancel your registration

For your registration, you must send Berger-Levrault Canada a written notice.

We advise you to email your request to the following address InfoCanada@berger-levrault.com. Registration will be cancelled within 10 days.

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